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About Chad Rea.
Despite being born in Inglewood, California, Chad, has managed to avoid thug life and move cities nearly every four years with stops in Texas, Colorado, Pennsylvania, England, The Netherlands, California, and Oregon.

He and John Hinckley Jr. graduated from Texas Tech University. Hinckley went on to shoot President Reagan. Chad went on play the live music circuit as an alternative rock drummer and create award-winning advertising and design for some of the hottest creative shops in the U.S. and Europe where he worked on a more than 100 iconic brands, including Coca-Cola, adidas, Hummer, Dr. Martens, The Howard Stern Show, Diesel, Remy Contreau, and fist-full of well-known video games like Doom, Quake, and Resident Evil.

Inspired by his worldly travel and newfound approach to building brands, Chad moved back to the U.S. in 2002 with the sole intention of starting prolific brand communications firm 86 the onions. Specializing in youth and entertainment brands, 86 the onions helped pioneer the industry’s movement to media neutral problem-solving, creating innovative marketing solutions for several high profile clients, including Target, Mountain Dew, NEC, SoBe, ESPN X Games, Starbucks, FUEL TV, Roland, Etnies, Ubi Soft Entertainment, and Virgin Records.

In March 2007, at the height of his company’s success, Chad 86ed 86 the onions, and created ecopop, an idea farm that creates brands, art, and activism designed to instigate positive change. ecopop’s ventures include, dabball, is the first-ever interactive art gallery and game app for the iPhone/iPad, and Stumptown Secondary School, a line of men’s neckties made from overstock graphic T-shirts.

His work has received nearly every industry accolade, been featured by several leading pop culture publications, and used as leading examples of innovative brand communications in several marketing and advertising books.

In addition to building brands for others, Chad has created several successful brands of his own, including a punk rock clothing line for infants, a cultural trade magazine, a monthly music and technology event, a not-for-profit homeless outreach project that spans over 28 countries, as well as several self-published books and original music.

Chad is also a regular contributor of editorial and art content to several international lifestyle magazines and projects, including Big, Dazed & Confused, and Beautiful/Decay.

Chad loves sunshine. He is a music junkie. He’s into foreign and independent film. He prefers magazines to novels, dogs to cats, and beer to water. In addition to business coaching, public speaking, voice over, Chad is currently developing 4 eco-friendly consumer good companies. He was last seen walking in Portland with his Mexican street dog, Star.

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