Charles S. Anderson

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Charge More.

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What’s your preferred carnival ride? Zipper, Scrambler, Carousel or Tilt-A-Whirl?
Roller Coaster (metaphor).


About Charles S. Anderson.
Charles S. Anderson Design specializes in creating brand identities, packaging, and analog, digital, and interactive products. CSA Design is among the profession’s most influential design firms. In addition to their client work, CSA is unique in creating one of the most extensive and highly regarded archives of licensed artwork. Inspired by the history of design, CSA Images is a leading archive for the creation and preservation of illustration, design elements, type, and print.

Charles S. Anderson is a design entrepreneur and creative director who, over the past 30 years has successfully combined the sometimes opposing elements of art and commerce.

Early in his career Anderson rejected slick corporate design in favor of a more human personal aesthetic that utilized vernacular images and uncoated paper. Many of the printed artifacts from that period were produced for the French Paper Company and helped create a new design approach by merging elements of the past and present, resulting in a modern design aesthetic that continues to this day. 

Anderson views Graphic Design as a product rather than a service, and a viable art form that has moved beyond it’s origins as solely a vehicle for corporate communication. 

Anderson was influenced by his early exposure to pop culture comic illustration, contrasted by his years at Minneapolis College of Art and Design, studying under his mentor and first employer Peter Seitz who was educated at the New Bauhaus.

Anderson was the first designer recruited to join the Duffy Design Group, where he later became a partner. In 1989 Anderson formed Charles S. Anderson Design.

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